Furry Friends

Never did I think I would own a dog while I was in college. Trying to balance college soccer, academics, traveling, and a social life, I didn’t think there would be time for me to take care of a furry creature. Kuzco, the all black dog is my dog that I rescued from a dumpster in 2016. He was left alone to starve, severely abused, and also had worms. I decided to take him into my arms and it has been the best decision yet. We aren’t sure what he is, but vet has said a mix between an Akita, Shepard, and Border Collie.

My two roommates (also teammates), Alex and Jordan, both also have dogs. The Australian Shepard pictured is Lenard. More likely to be called ‘Lenny Baby.’ The white dog with spots is Alex’s new dog, Rainier, named after a mountain in Washington where me and Alex are both from. No one really knows what Rainier is.

Living with 3 dogs, most people would say is a dream, or must be so much fun. No, actually it’s insane. One day Len might have pink eye, while Rainier is outside chewing on shoes we keep out there, while Kuzco is rolling in poop of another dog. Another day, Rainier and Lenny might be tackling Kuzco while I stand there waiting for a trip to the vet for a broken hip. Most recently, Rainier since he is a puppy, there has been puppy pee puddles throughout the house, so that’s fun. Lenny most recently actually chewed on Jordan’s computer charger (Lenny tends to chew on more expensive items). Kuzco most recently has been chewing and eating whole sticks along with big bugs he kills outside, so at least he’s getting protein.

At the end of the day, were dogs our best decision? Probably not, but at least they all have a million toys between them all which they hate to share, tempur-pedic beds, and water bowls that can’t seem to keep the water inside of them.

Until next time!


12 thoughts on “Furry Friends

  1. At the end of the day, were dogs your best decision? Maybe/maybe not like you said, but that was the best decision for your dogs and that’s what matters 🙂 They all look like such happy pups! I look forward to reading about their adventures each week. Had you had a dog prior to Kuzco?


  2. This makes me so happy 💗 it’s crazy how dogs can totally change your life. I don’t know what I would do without my two fur babies. Go you for saving that sweet pup!

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  3. I love my dogs! My fiancé and I have 3 Pure Bred Border Collies, 3 girls, Annie, Ari, and Bess. 2 of them are from a line of championship herders and there parents have won numerous awards for herding cattle. Then you have my dog Annie. She’s a super rare pure bred, border collie, she’s all white! I wouldn’t change the mess and all the broken and chewed up shoes and beds for the world!


  4. I adopted my fur baby from the Conway animal shelter, and she also had worms and was left! It seemed like no one wanted to adopt her and she had been in the shelter for months- but she has been the greatest gift to me in college. I love her so much!!


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