This week’s shenanigans..

Hello everyone! It’s never a boring week when you live with three furry creatures and all of them find their own way of causing some type of chaos throughout the household. So I’m going to give you a weekly update about each dog.

Lenard (Lenny baby): This was quite an eventful week for Lenny. He actually learned quite a few tricks this week. He learned how to play dead, “through” which means he walks through your legs and back around to the front, and he also was improving his catching skills. Lenny is not the best catcher. He tries his best though. Actually Lenny being an Australian Shepard is extremely athletic and can jump super high. So we were throwing tennis balls over the top of him trying to get him to jump and kinda flip his body in the air. WELL, on one of them he jumped so high and landed straight on his belly that is forced a fart out of him. He farted so loud when he landed, and he was so embarrassed after and ran away and didn’t want to play anymore. Also, Lenard during the week was in my bed and I saw his body slowly moving one direction and all I said was “oh no”, and there Lenard went rolling off the bed straight onto the ground…..

Kuzco (Kuzcie baby): Kuzco is not as smart as Len…we were attempting to teach him tricks but all he did was lay down and give you puppy eyes. SO, it was hard to not give him treats for looking cute…while being a little stupid. Kuzco this week has been really bad about going to the fence when the neighbor dogs come out…he literally turns into a different dog. It’s scary…he’s crazy and decides to lose his hearing when this happens. But the dogs know if they do this they get what our house calls, ‘a booty whoopin.’ Len and Kuzc got lots of those this week. We had a game this week against Sam Houston though, (we won) and Kuzco was there in his doggy jersey representing his mother.

Rainier: Last but not least….Rainier..the puppy….. Rainier is a puppy growing up ya know, going through body changes, and adopting new habits…. WELL, Rainier has adopted this new habit of ripping the gutters off the house and carrying them to the backyard. No idea where this came from or why a gutter is fun to play with. I also cleaned Alex’s room for her (Rainier’s mom) and right after, Rainier finds the toy with the most stuffing and rips it to shreds and makes the room messy, and also finds a way to make the living room a mess. Rainier ALSO chewed apart a flower decoration that we got for fall on our living room table. We are still finding pieces everyday. Lastly, Alex bought a kitty pool for Rainier…..yeah so he could swim in it right. Well, with all the rain we have had lately it just fills up with water… but it is located in the muddiest part of the yard where Rainier likes to dig. So now, the water is not clear but a dark brown. When the other dogs chase Rainier, he chooses to lay in the muddy water, then dig, then lay in it again. Every time we open the door, Rainier goes straight to the bathroom for a bath…

Well there is this week’s shenanigans with the boys..this is literally just a glimpse of what they do…Wish me luck 🙂


5 thoughts on “This week’s shenanigans..

  1. Looks like you have your hands full! l I love dogs, and when I can, I plan on getting a golden retriever. Every golden I have met is just so friendly and loves being pet by everyone.


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