Planning planning planning

So this week was a little different. Since I’m on the soccer team here at UCA, we obviously aren’t always at home with the dogs and for some games we travel this means planning ahead on where we need our dogs to go while we are away. This week it was a 5 day trip for the dogs and the people that watch them.

I always make sure that whenever I leave Kuzco for a longer amount of time that I make him as comfortable as possible because I know he misses me.

Some tips when leaving your pet:

  1. Make sure they are with someone they know/trust
  2. Pack their favorite toys/treats
  3. Always Always Always overpack on food because you’d rather have them have to much than not enough.
  4. Ask the person how they are doing when you are gone.

The best part about all of it though is being able to see their faces when we pick them up after being gone. It’s almost like they forget who you are for a second then BAM, they are jumping all over you, kissing you, and wagging their tails like crazy.

Another tip:

If you don’t know anyone to watch your pets, the vets here have boarding options where they are well taken care of. The only downside is paying, but atleast you know you leave them with professionals.

Suggestion: St Francis vet in Conway


12 thoughts on “Planning planning planning

  1. I left my kitten alone for the first time this weekend, although cats are more independent than dogs when being left alone. I had a friend go check on her before her usual bedtime and I’m glad I did. It made me feel more at ease knowing everything was going okay.


  2. My fiancé and I are our friend’s resident dog and cat watchers. At this time we don’t have any pets of our own, but we love animals so any time our friends go out of town we usually end up as the people who watch them. Nothing like getting some dog-lovings and cat pets every few months.


  3. Do you have any tips for when you’re moving into a new home? I’m moving next week and my dog has never lived anywhere else so I’m a little worried about how he will adjust! Love the cute pictures 🐶🐶🐶


    1. I would just make it as ‘homey’ as possible. Make sure that you have his favorite toys and let him sniff out everything. If he has a bed, put it where it will be so he gets used to it. Also be prepared if they go the bathroom because they are marking their new territory! Hope you have fun!:)

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  4. When my family and I go out of town for extended periods of time, we always have a house sitter. That way they don’t have to be stressed in a new environment and a new routine.


  5. Have you heard of Hounds Hideaway? It’s a doggie day care here in town but you can also board them. I highly recommend it! I use them a lot very awesome services. It’s off of Dave Ward Drive by Walmart.


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