Picking the right vet

So when I first got Kuzco, I made sure that it was okay with my parents or course because I knew that I would need some financial help in the beginning. The beginning consisted of shots, new records of the dog, and the main thing: picking the right vet. My parents have always made sure to pick a vet that love and care about our dogs back home. They want the vet to remember them and to not just treat them like some random patient they say. (We are big dog people).

So in Conway actually, at first i went to a vet for Kuzco’s shots than the vet he has now. The shots were so expensive and they honestly weren’t that nice to kuzco in the beginning and I felt as if they were trying to find new ways to charge me money every second. Now I go to St. Francis and I love them and so does kuzco. They are the best group of people that love and care about the animals that come to their services and actually remember them.

Everytime I go:

  1. They always greet kuzco with his name and give him treats
  2. They always keep honesty within our relationship regarding kuzco
  3. They offer help in anyways they can
  4. They are sincere, caring, and so sweet!!

If anyone is looking for a vet in Conway, I would highly suggest St. Francis. They will even remember your dogs birthday, and make sure they are well taken care of. (Even cats) for those cat people out there. I think knowing that your pet/best friend is in good hands is settling and doesn’t make you worry if they have to be off your hands for a few hours or if anything medically goes wrong.

I’ve also since then told my roommates that have their dogs should go to that vet and that’s where they took their dogs since they had them for the first time!


8 thoughts on “Picking the right vet

  1. I’m super happy this was your post this week! My fiancĂ© and I have finally (after years of talking about it) picked out our first dog together! She is only 4 days old at this time and we will be bringing her home some time in the next 6-8 weeks so we are already starting to plan ahead with all we need to do and get ready for our sweet girl. We will definitely look into St. Francis as a vet option for our little one!


      1. She’s 100% pure-bred American Mutt lol. Her mom is a mixture of lab, husky, and something else, but she isn’t as big as those breeds. Then the dad is either a boxer or lab. But she is cute as a button. I’ll have to post a picture of her on my blog sometime.


  2. I don’t have a dog, but my friend does & she’s had the issue of picking a good vet. And she’s picky so it makes it harder. I will mention this place to her.


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