Another week with the boys

Hello everyone… what a week it has been with the dogs. A lot of things have happened this week with the dogs.

Monday: it was raining quite a bit on Monday so my roommate decided that the dogs needed little booties to cover their paws so they don’t get muddy outside. (They all already have rain coats) The dogs didn’t know how to walk in them… they would jump around with their legs in the air and it sounded like horses galloping through the house.

Tuesday: Rainier… still being the puppy he is. Went into my room acting like a mad man and chewed multiple items in my room included makeup brushes, and proceeded to break 2 palettes i had. Rainier also pulled out all of len and kuzco’s toys despite him having 100+ of his own in his room.

Wednesday: The boots that rainier had gotten on Monday were now chewed… no longer available for use.. len and kuzco decided to get extremely muddy then jump into my bed and dirty my blankets.

Thursday: Normal dog day

Friday: Len as we know is an Australian Shepard. This means he has lots of fur everywhere, so grooming is a little more difficult for him. Me and his mom like to give him haircuts every few weeks on our own. This week we chose to cut his nappy back leg fur and trim his belly. Len doesn’t mind though he falls asleep during the process.

Saturday: Kuzco got new bow ties and so did Len. Len also got a new collar and 2 new brushes to deal with his grooming difficulties.

Tips of the week: grooming

  • Make sure you get a brush that specifies for your breed.
  • If your dog does need a real professional haircut and not trim, take him to hounds hideaway in Conway. They offer many grooming packets for great prices.
  • Don’t trim your dog too much with winter months coming up, they need that fur!
  • It’s always good to brush your dog atleast once a week!

10 thoughts on “Another week with the boys

  1. Loved the title! I’m absolutely loving the content so far because, obviously—dogs. Also, love the bowties and sorry about your two now broken palettes 😦


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