Toys Galore!

So this week, I’ve decided that I am going to write about toys since there are about 100+ dog toys in my house.

Picking toys for dogs can be tricky because I feel as if every dog is different in toys that they like. For instance, Kuzco likes any toy…stuffing, no stuffing, squeaker, rope, anything else you can think of he likes it. Lenard on the other hand is a rope and bone guy. Rainier…yeah well he is still a puppy so he likes anything he can tear apart.

My favorite dog toy brand is Kong. Kong is available in every pet store. Let me warn you though it is very pricey. The quality of the toys is unbeaten though. Kuzco has had this stuffed red bear for 2 years now that is made from Kong and looks almost brand new still and he constantly plays with it.

Some tips when picking out toys:

  • Make sure that the toys are safe for your size dog (nothing that can be swallowed or choked on)
  • Get ones that will last awhile, not ruined the next day after purchase
  • Compare brands/prices
  • Figure out what your dog likes before hand

Petco, a store that I usually get all my goods from always has a cute 2 for $5 deal with small stuffed toys if your dog is into those types of toys.

Another place that I suggest is This website is the best honestly. You can virtually get your stuff within the next 2 days of ordering it and the options are endless. You can find everything you are looking for specifically and they always have amazing deals going on. Plus you can sign up for reoccurring shipments if you choose to purchase food or treats on the website, making it easier for you

Before I go, here are some of my favorite toys for my dog:

  • Nyla bones – long lasting & durable
  • Greenies – little bones that help keep my dogs teeth clean
  • Any Kong toy – tennis balls are really good and also the stuffed animals
  • Playology rope – that is the brand name, it is very good for dogs (fun colors)
  • Antlers

Quick safety tips:

  • Always pick up fuzz from stuffed toys so dog doesn’t end up eating that
  • If a bone gets down to smaller size where it can fit in dogs mouth, throw it out
  • If your dog is protective over toys, just keep an eye on them while they play

Until next time!


6 thoughts on “Toys Galore!

  1. We have sooo many toys throughout our apartment 😅 I’ve considered getting them a toy box to put them all in (although I doubt they stay there long)!


  2. We have this one toy that we bought when our oldest dog was a puppy. We still have it and its still in great condition! It’s just so hard finding things that our dogs love to play with, that will last.


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