Winter Is Coming

With the winter months coming, there are quite a few things that happen regarding our pups. A lot of people think that just because the weather is getting colder, that there is nothing that they have to do for their pets. That is false.


A lot of people don’t like the idea of putting clothing on their dogs, but that isn’t necessarily what I mean by clothing. For smaller dogs, or short haired dogs some people find it helpful to put sweaters on them when they will be spending a lot of time in the cold weather. This is what Rainier at home does. Another item that we all find important with our dogs during the winter is raincoats. It still rains in the winter and since the temperature is lower it is important that they stay away from getting as wet as possible.


  • Make sure your dog is comfortable in whatever you might have them wear
  • Make sure the sizes are right and not to tight on shoulder area where it might limit movement
  • Long haired dogs don’t need items like sweaters like short haired dogs do

Fur management:

Another important factor in the winter is taking care of their coats. A lot of dogs get thicker fur in the winter. For instance, Kuzco gets thicker fur around his neck and on his spine during the winter time. Lenard is thick to begin with, but he also gets more fur to prepare himself for the winter months. Rainier has short hair to begin with which is also an important factor to think about when it comes to fur management. Brushing dogs that are thick is a good idea during the winter so they don’t shed as much in the house. Shorter dogs do not need to brushed as much so that they keep that fur to keep them warm.


  • Get brushes that are appropriate for your dog type/fur type
  • Brush them at least once a week if they have a good amount of fur
  • Wash their fur off if it gets muddy or dirty so it doesn’t dry on their skin weird and irritate it


One last thing about winter time is making sure that you take your dogs out to walk. If it is too cold for you and you personally don’t want to go out. Think about your animals first. My roommates and I can’t put our dogs in the back yard all the time because of mud and neighbor dogs at the fence, but we will bundle up and take them on a 30-45 min walk and they are absolutely pooped afterwards. Dogs still need to exercise in the cold months 🙂


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