This week I am talking about being reunited with your pet!! This is probably one of the best moments ever. In my case, I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to leaving Kuzco for awhile.

So over Thanksgiving, I boarded Kuzco with Lenard actually at our usual vet. We put them in there on Tuesday and can’t pick them up until tomorrow (Monday). That means we have been away from our dogs for 6 nights!! That’s a long time when I’m used to Kuzco curling up in a little ball on my bed next to me when we sleep.

A few tips when being reunited after a little while:

    Give your pet a second to recognize you
    Give them lots of love when reunited
    Make sure to just check over them to make sure nothing happened while you were away from them

I always like to give Kuzco about 10 seconds to sniff me out again when he sees me and then I proceed to freak out and hug him. When you are first reunited it might take them a second to process what is happening because they are so happy. Actually Kuzco and Lenard both have peed while getting picked up after a few days from being so happy.

I always make sure to give Kuzco love when we are reunited to make sure he knows I missed him and that him going away isn’t a regular thing or punishment of any type.

Also, dogs play at most vets when they get boarded.. so it’s just a smart idea to feel around your dog and make sure there are any bumps, scratches, or anything else you need to be worried about 🙂

(P.S. if you board dogs together at St. Francis it’s cheaper)


10 thoughts on “Reunited!!

  1. I went to Disney this past May and had to leave my cat Celeste with my best friend for a week. When I came back, she wouldn’t have anything to do with me. I could tell she was mad that I left her. It took three days before she forgave me! 😂

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  2. I’m sure we’ll know what this is like soon enough with our new little one. She is learning “the crate” right now and every time we let her out she needs copious amounts of love and attention.


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