The Rainier Show

This week we are going to be focusing on Rainier..(white dog)

Rainier this week has not been the best dog. We had gone out for maybe 30 minutes one night and my roommate has been training Rainier to stay in her room instead of his crate..Well to say the least, it hasn’t been going that well. While we were out, Rainier had chosen to eat a giant box of treats all to himself…Later this night our roommate was gone, and we had put Rainier in his crate because we were going to bed. Then all of a sudden….the worst smell you could smell was in the hallway. Rainier had pooped all in his crate, laid in it, and continued to eat it…it was the worst night for our roommate to say the least.


  • Keep treats in a separate room or out of reach of your pet
  • If you do notice they’ve gotten into treats, give them medicine or take them out frequently
  • Always keep pet cleaning supplies in house incase of accidents

Earlier in the week, Rainier had also peed in our roommates bed. During this he also went through the bathroom and tore apart the garbage.


  • Take your dog out before you leave them
  • While training them to not be in crate, start with small increments of time (15-30 min) at first
  • Keep garbage and doors to bathrooms closed incase they get bored
  • Make sure you leave plenty of toys out for them to play with
  • It’s never the dogs fault, it’s yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news this week, Len has learned yet another new trick, ‘Bang’. This is where you make a fake gun out of your hand and say ‘Bang’ and aim it at him and he falls down and plays dead. This brings his total tricks known to 7, while in the works of 8. Kuzco, has been sleeping per usual, I swear he is a cat more than a dog.

With winter break coming up, I realized they aren’t going to see eachother for a couple of weeks so this means that they are going to go absolutely crazy when they see eachother in January. Hopefully Rainier has grown out of this stage, and Len knows more tricks, and Kuzco…well catches up on sleep.


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