Dog Tricks

Another student that commented on my blog had mentioned that it might be a good idea to make a blog post about dog tricks! So here I am. I know I’ve mentioned them before in other blogs but haven’t really gone over all the details, tricks, or tips in getting them done!

So basically this blog is going to focus on Lenard. He’s the trick master of the house and knows almost 10 tricks. Lucky for my roommate (his owner) he is a quick learner and loves treats.

I’d start with some basic tricks. This consists of everyday things you might ask them to do.

Sit (it’s easy but can be tricky with stubborn dogs)

  • Make sure you have treats or goodies to reward them
  • You might have to start off by pushing on their butt to make them sit to the ground
  • Don’t get frustrated, they are learning
  • Once they get the idea, don’t push and wait for them to to do it on their own

Shake (it’s easier than it seems)

  • Make sure you have treats or goodies to reward them
  • Make sure they have sitting down before this one
  • You might need to start off my lifting their paw for them so they get the idea
  • Associate the trick with 1 word only (shake, high five, paw) whatever one you choose don’t change it on your pet

Lay down

  • Make sure you have treats or goodies to reward them
  • Make sure they have sitting down
  • Use your hand first to slowly guide them to ground
  • Make sure you’re using the word you want while they are first doing it
  • Associate a hand gesture with the trick

With all these tricks, make sure you don’t get mad at your pet. They love you and are excited to do all these tricks for you. For fun, I’ve posted a video of Lenard doing all of his tricks. Comment if you have questions about teaching these!

The Rainier Show

This week we are going to be focusing on Rainier..(white dog)

Rainier this week has not been the best dog. We had gone out for maybe 30 minutes one night and my roommate has been training Rainier to stay in her room instead of his crate..Well to say the least, it hasn’t been going that well. While we were out, Rainier had chosen to eat a giant box of treats all to himself…Later this night our roommate was gone, and we had put Rainier in his crate because we were going to bed. Then all of a sudden….the worst smell you could smell was in the hallway. Rainier had pooped all in his crate, laid in it, and continued to eat it…it was the worst night for our roommate to say the least.


  • Keep treats in a separate room or out of reach of your pet
  • If you do notice they’ve gotten into treats, give them medicine or take them out frequently
  • Always keep pet cleaning supplies in house incase of accidents

Earlier in the week, Rainier had also peed in our roommates bed. During this he also went through the bathroom and tore apart the garbage.


  • Take your dog out before you leave them
  • While training them to not be in crate, start with small increments of time (15-30 min) at first
  • Keep garbage and doors to bathrooms closed incase they get bored
  • Make sure you leave plenty of toys out for them to play with
  • It’s never the dogs fault, it’s yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news this week, Len has learned yet another new trick, ‘Bang’. This is where you make a fake gun out of your hand and say ‘Bang’ and aim it at him and he falls down and plays dead. This brings his total tricks known to 7, while in the works of 8. Kuzco, has been sleeping per usual, I swear he is a cat more than a dog.

With winter break coming up, I realized they aren’t going to see eachother for a couple of weeks so this means that they are going to go absolutely crazy when they see eachother in January. Hopefully Rainier has grown out of this stage, and Len knows more tricks, and Kuzco…well catches up on sleep.


This week I am talking about being reunited with your pet!! This is probably one of the best moments ever. In my case, I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to leaving Kuzco for awhile.

So over Thanksgiving, I boarded Kuzco with Lenard actually at our usual vet. We put them in there on Tuesday and can’t pick them up until tomorrow (Monday). That means we have been away from our dogs for 6 nights!! That’s a long time when I’m used to Kuzco curling up in a little ball on my bed next to me when we sleep.

A few tips when being reunited after a little while:

    Give your pet a second to recognize you
    Give them lots of love when reunited
    Make sure to just check over them to make sure nothing happened while you were away from them

I always like to give Kuzco about 10 seconds to sniff me out again when he sees me and then I proceed to freak out and hug him. When you are first reunited it might take them a second to process what is happening because they are so happy. Actually Kuzco and Lenard both have peed while getting picked up after a few days from being so happy.

I always make sure to give Kuzco love when we are reunited to make sure he knows I missed him and that him going away isn’t a regular thing or punishment of any type.

Also, dogs play at most vets when they get boarded.. so it’s just a smart idea to feel around your dog and make sure there are any bumps, scratches, or anything else you need to be worried about ๐Ÿ™‚

(P.S. if you board dogs together at St. Francis it’s cheaper)

Boarding your furry friend

The topic of this week is boarding! Now if some of you don’t know what this means, it means that you are putting your pet somewhere to stay for a few days while you are away.

With Thanksgiving coming up, my parents have actually decided to take a trip to Vegas for the holiday. So with this being said, not many places allow pets in their hotels, let alone it’s probably not enjoyable for your pet to stay in the hotel all day long.

This kinda goes hand in hand with the earlier topic of my blog “picking the right vet.” I will be choosing to put Kuzco at St. Francis for boarding, which is my normal vet we go to. There are a lot of things that go into boarding surprisingly.

Major things to think about:

  1. Food – the vet does provide food for your dog while staying, but if they are sensitive to food then I would suggest taking your own for them.
  2. Playing – my vet offers an extra fee of $5 a day for the dogs to have “play time” this means during the day they have the chance to go outside and play with other dogs. This is good especially so your dog doesn’t get lonely while you are gone.
  3. Toys – pack your dogs favorite toys or blankets, whatever they love. That way it feels more at home for them during their stay.
  4. Price – it is important to know that there will be a daily cost most likely for your pet. Don’t let vets talk you into extra costs though. They will try to get you to choose extra treatments and such.

It’s important to board your dog somewhere where you know the proper care is available. You know that the employees take good care of your friend and keep them safe:)

That’s all for this blog. Everyone have a good Thanksgiving!

Winter Is Coming

With the winter months coming, there are quite a few things that happen regarding our pups. A lot of people think that just because the weather is getting colder, that there is nothing that they have to do for their pets. That is false.


A lot of people don’t like the idea of putting clothing on their dogs, but that isn’t necessarily what I mean by clothing. For smaller dogs, or short haired dogs some people find it helpful to put sweaters on them when they will be spending a lot of time in the cold weather. This is what Rainier at home does. Another item that we all find important with our dogs during the winter is raincoats. It still rains in the winter and since the temperature is lower it is important that they stay away from getting as wet as possible.


  • Make sure your dog is comfortable in whatever you might have them wear
  • Make sure the sizes are right and not to tight on shoulder area where it might limit movement
  • Long haired dogs don’t need items like sweaters like short haired dogs do

Fur management:

Another important factor in the winter is taking care of their coats. A lot of dogs get thicker fur in the winter. For instance, Kuzco gets thicker fur around his neck and on his spine during the winter time. Lenard is thick to begin with, but he also gets more fur to prepare himself for the winter months. Rainier has short hair to begin with which is also an important factor to think about when it comes to fur management. Brushing dogs that are thick is a good idea during the winter so they don’t shed as much in the house. Shorter dogs do not need to brushed as much so that they keep that fur to keep them warm.


  • Get brushes that are appropriate for your dog type/fur type
  • Brush them at least once a week if they have a good amount of fur
  • Wash their fur off if it gets muddy or dirty so it doesn’t dry on their skin weird and irritate it


One last thing about winter time is making sure that you take your dogs out to walk. If it is too cold for you and you personally don’t want to go out. Think about your animals first. My roommates and I can’t put our dogs in the back yard all the time because of mud and neighbor dogs at the fence, but we will bundle up and take them on a 30-45 min walk and they are absolutely pooped afterwards. Dogs still need to exercise in the cold months ๐Ÿ™‚

Toys Galore!

So this week, I’ve decided that I am going to write about toys since there are about 100+ dog toys in my house.

Picking toys for dogs can be tricky because I feel as if every dog is different in toys that they like. For instance, Kuzco likes any toy…stuffing, no stuffing, squeaker, rope, anything else you can think of he likes it. Lenard on the other hand is a rope and bone guy. Rainier…yeah well he is still a puppy so he likes anything he can tear apart.

My favorite dog toy brand is Kong. Kong is available in every pet store. Let me warn you though it is very pricey. The quality of the toys is unbeaten though. Kuzco has had this stuffed red bear for 2 years now that is made from Kong and looks almost brand new still and he constantly plays with it.

Some tips when picking out toys:

  • Make sure that the toys are safe for your size dog (nothing that can be swallowed or choked on)
  • Get ones that will last awhile, not ruined the next day after purchase
  • Compare brands/prices
  • Figure out what your dog likes before hand

Petco, a store that I usually get all my goods from always has a cute 2 for $5 deal with small stuffed toys if your dog is into those types of toys.

Another place that I suggest is This website is the best honestly. You can virtually get your stuff within the next 2 days of ordering it and the options are endless. You can find everything you are looking for specifically and they always have amazing deals going on. Plus you can sign up for reoccurring shipments if you choose to purchase food or treats on the website, making it easier for you

Before I go, here are some of my favorite toys for my dog:

  • Nyla bones – long lasting & durable
  • Greenies – little bones that help keep my dogs teeth clean
  • Any Kong toy – tennis balls are really good and also the stuffed animals
  • Playology rope – that is the brand name, it is very good for dogs (fun colors)
  • Antlers

Quick safety tips:

  • Always pick up fuzz from stuffed toys so dog doesn’t end up eating that
  • If a bone gets down to smaller size where it can fit in dogs mouth, throw it out
  • If your dog is protective over toys, just keep an eye on them while they play

Until nextย time!

Another week with the boys

Hello everyone… what a week it has been with the dogs. A lot of things have happened this week with the dogs.

Monday: it was raining quite a bit on Monday so my roommate decided that the dogs needed little booties to cover their paws so they don’t get muddy outside. (They all already have rain coats) The dogs didn’t know how to walk in them… they would jump around with their legs in the air and it sounded like horses galloping through the house.

Tuesday: Rainier… still being the puppy he is. Went into my room acting like a mad man and chewed multiple items in my room included makeup brushes, and proceeded to break 2 palettes i had. Rainier also pulled out all of len and kuzco’s toys despite him having 100+ of his own in his room.

Wednesday: The boots that rainier had gotten on Monday were now chewed… no longer available for use.. len and kuzco decided to get extremely muddy then jump into my bed and dirty my blankets.

Thursday: Normal dog day

Friday: Len as we know is an Australian Shepard. This means he has lots of fur everywhere, so grooming is a little more difficult for him. Me and his mom like to give him haircuts every few weeks on our own. This week we chose to cut his nappy back leg fur and trim his belly. Len doesn’t mind though he falls asleep during the process.

Saturday: Kuzco got new bow ties and so did Len. Len also got a new collar and 2 new brushes to deal with his grooming difficulties.

Tips of the week: grooming

  • Make sure you get a brush that specifies for your breed.
  • If your dog does need a real professional haircut and not trim, take him to hounds hideaway in Conway. They offer many grooming packets for great prices.
  • Don’t trim your dog too much with winter months coming up, they need that fur!
  • It’s always good to brush your dog atleast once a week!

Picking the right vet

So when I first got Kuzco, I made sure that it was okay with my parents or course because I knew that I would need some financial help in the beginning. The beginning consisted of shots, new records of the dog, and the main thing: picking the right vet. My parents have always made sure to pick a vet that love and care about our dogs back home. They want the vet to remember them and to not just treat them like some random patient they say. (We are big dog people).

So in Conway actually, at first i went to a vet for Kuzco’s shots than the vet he has now. The shots were so expensive and they honestly weren’t that nice to kuzco in the beginning and I felt as if they were trying to find new ways to charge me money every second. Now I go to St. Francis and I love them and so does kuzco. They are the best group of people that love and care about the animals that come to their services and actually remember them.

Everytime I go:

  1. They always greet kuzco with his name and give him treats
  2. They always keep honesty within our relationship regarding kuzco
  3. They offer help in anyways they can
  4. They are sincere, caring, and so sweet!!

If anyone is looking for a vet in Conway, I would highly suggest St. Francis. They will even remember your dogs birthday, and make sure they are well taken care of. (Even cats) for those cat people out there. I think knowing that your pet/best friend is in good hands is settling and doesn’t make you worry if they have to be off your hands for a few hours or if anything medically goes wrong.

I’ve also since then told my roommates that have their dogs should go to that vet and that’s where they took their dogs since they had them for the first time!

Planning planning planning

So this week was a little different. Since I’m on the soccer team here at UCA, we obviously aren’t always at home with the dogs and for some games we travel this means planning ahead on where we need our dogs to go while we are away. This week it was a 5 day trip for the dogs and the people that watch them.

I always make sure that whenever I leave Kuzco for a longer amount of time that I make him as comfortable as possible because I know he misses me.

Some tips when leaving your pet:

  1. Make sure they are with someone they know/trust
  2. Pack their favorite toys/treats
  3. Always Always Always overpack on food because you’d rather have them have to much than not enough.
  4. Ask the person how they are doing when you are gone.

The best part about all of it though is being able to see their faces when we pick them up after being gone. It’s almost like they forget who you are for a second then BAM, they are jumping all over you, kissing you, and wagging their tails like crazy.

Another tip:

If you don’t know anyone to watch your pets, the vets here have boarding options where they are well taken care of. The only downside is paying, but atleast you know you leave them with professionals.

Suggestion: St Francis vet in Conway

This week’s shenanigans..

Hello everyone! It’s never a boring week when you live with three furry creatures and all of them find their own way of causing some type of chaos throughout the household. So I’m going to give you a weekly update about each dog.

Lenard (Lenny baby): This was quite an eventful week for Lenny. He actually learned quite a few tricks this week. He learned how to play dead, “through” which means he walks through your legs and back around to the front, and he also was improving his catching skills. Lenny is not the best catcher. He tries his best though. Actually Lenny being an Australian Shepard is extremely athletic and can jump super high. So we were throwing tennis balls over the top of him trying to get him to jump and kinda flip his body in the air. WELL, on one of them he jumped so high and landed straight on his belly that is forced a fart out of him. He farted so loud when he landed, and he was so embarrassed after and ran away and didn’t want to play anymore. Also, Lenard during the week was in my bed and I saw his body slowly moving one direction and all I said was “oh no”, and there Lenard went rolling off the bed straight onto the ground…..

Kuzco (Kuzcie baby): Kuzco is not as smart as Len…we were attempting to teach him tricks but all he did was lay down and give you puppy eyes. SO, it was hard to not give him treats for looking cute…while being a little stupid. Kuzco this week has been really bad about going to the fence when the neighbor dogs come out…he literally turns into a different dog. It’s scary…he’s crazy and decides to lose his hearing when this happens. But the dogs know if they do this they get what our house calls, ‘a booty whoopin.’ Len and Kuzc got lots of those this week. We had a game this week against Sam Houston though, (we won) and Kuzco was there in his doggy jersey representing his mother.

Rainier: Last but not least….Rainier..the puppy….. Rainier is a puppy growing up ya know, going through body changes, and adopting new habits…. WELL, Rainier has adopted this new habit of ripping the gutters off the house and carrying them to the backyard. No idea where this came from or why a gutter is fun to play with. I also cleaned Alex’s room for her (Rainier’s mom) and right after, Rainier finds the toy with the most stuffing and rips it to shreds and makes the room messy, and also finds a way to make the living room a mess. Rainier ALSO chewed apart a flower decoration that we got for fall on our living room table. We are still finding pieces everyday. Lastly, Alex bought a kitty pool for Rainier…..yeah so he could swim in it right. Well, with all the rain we have had lately it just fills up with water… but it is located in the muddiest part of the yard where Rainier likes to dig. So now, the water is not clear but a dark brown. When the other dogs chase Rainier, he chooses to lay in the muddy water, then dig, then lay in it again. Every time we open the door, Rainier goes straight to the bathroom for a bath…

Well there is this week’s shenanigans with the boys..this is literally just a glimpse of what they do…Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚